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How To Hack Your Partner’s WhatsApp (Part 2)

…Especially if you have a lot of material possessions like money, cars, fame, and so on. People won’t like you for who you are most of the time, they will like what you have NOT YOU, or the things you can do for them. You might relax and let it all to God but Nah fam you really need to know where you stand with them, and what are their intentions towards being in a relationship with you. Is it for the things you can do for them, or use you for, or is it because they love you for who you are despite “what you have and bring to the table”.

Besides tracking your partners’ WhatsApp chats, this app can also track calls, Facebook and Instagram activity and…read more…

My Friend Said He Breeds Exotic Animals

…I sat up gasping for air and peered inside the metal building. Dim bulbs in rusted cages on the ceiling illuminated the den of horrors inside. A steel grate that had once been attached to the inside portion of the exhaust fan was in the center of the floor against the wall. Above it, two dirty human feet jutted out from the fan housing and dripped blood into a congealing pool.

Scrambling to my feet I ran toward the door into the building. The smell was so foul I began vomiting and clutching my stomach. There were four cages bolted to the walls on each side of the door. One of the doors leaned off its hinges against the cage directly across from it. In the seven secured cages, I could see shaking creatures shaking in the corners…read more…

Don’t Buy Dented Cans At The Grocery Store.

male, tunnel, alien-2704565.jpg

…“Yeah, eggs. That thing is an alien. We have an arrangement with their species. It stays here, lays eggs and we spread them through the food chain. We estimate about one in a hundred eggs that are consumed by a human will hatch, consuming the human from within.” He explained.

“Why would you do this?” I asked. I wanted to puke. The huge insect was staring at me while…read more…

The Scariest Photo On The Internet

…In the photo, Jacob is standing in the middle of the woods at night, his hands and legs bound by a thick black rope. He stares into the camera with a mixture of fear and resignation, his pale face twisted in a knot of terror. Eyes wide. Lips parted to form the beginning of a scream. It’s believed that his photographer, an infamous (and uncaught) serial killer named “The Butcher of Appalachia,” took the photo moments before slashing Jacob’s throat with a knife, killing…read more…

There Is A Tomb Beneath Your Favorite Fast Food Restaurant

…And she was right. There was a break in the surface as if the slab had a lid. Looking around, I saw that the other slabs were all similarly segmented at the top. Upon seeing that Carter intended to open the slab, Amanda let go of his arm and came to stand by me. Jessica, who’d been quiet the entire trip, suddenly spoke up, saying, “If they’re coffins, and the walls are alive. You don’t think…. you don’t think the occupants could be alive too, do you?…read more…

I Thought He Was Imaginary

ghost, girl, gothic-2935132.jpg

…I hesitantly got up from the couch I was curled up on to examine her drawing. It appeared innocent at first glance; a stick figure which resembled Mia, a large beam plastered on her face, with the familiar poorly drawn sun at the corner of the paper.

Yet what made my eyes widen was the other stick figure, holding her hand. It had rough, orange scribbles for hair, along with dots that I assumed to be freckles. The figure had a large downturned mouth, with tears flowing down their …read more…

Nobody At School Likes Me

…I guess it’s hard enough starting high school, but it gets even harder when you have to do it in a new place… I figured that maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. Maybe if I said the right things, people would think I was cool… They just laughed at me.

“Hey Cockburn, does your cock burn?”

Yeah. That one never got old… Neither did:

“How’s it going, Cock Boy?”

The funny thing is, I didn’t even hate my last name before I started high school. Cockburn. It’s British or something. Tons of people have British last names… But within just a couple of weeks, I hated the name.

I hated the school.

I hated the teachers…read more…

Woman In Red Dress

…“There’s actually one more thing I haven’t told you yet.”

“Then what is it ?” I asked.

“They said that when the spirit comes back, you will see it in the same position of the body on the exact moment it died.”

“Remember that she jumped from a bridge? she died because she landed headfirst to the ground.”

“Meaning she came back in an upside-down position when the spirit entered their bedroom, the first thing the man who is hiding under the bed saw is her face.”…read more…

Found God’s Rotting Corpse

skeleton, halloween, spooky-192305.jpg

…There appeared to be what looked like a giant man who covered nearly the entire floor of the quarry. He was wearing a robe that was torn in many places and had long white hair. He lay unmoving on the ground with his head lying to the side as if he was asleep.

I stood there speechless while my brain tried to comprehend what I was looking at. I began to feel light-headed and realized I hadn’t breathed in nearly a minute. I took a few deep breaths and started moving into the quarry.

My eyes never left his face as I walked toward him. His size dwarfed anything I had ever seen in my life. My best estimate is that his body was about…read more…

Will The Effect Of Apartheid End In South Africa?

…We look at the passing rate in black schools and where they end up. The rates of dropping outs and teenage pregnancy. The government doesn’t care about their struggle the exam papers are even set on the same standard. English is the language for the future a language for opportunities. How about we do the same thing with our indigenous languages can be our medium of instruction. Normalize being proud of who we are. This isn’t only affecting the education system, but everything viewed as white seems super and pure. Black children are trying to look like white people using creams and wearing wigs…read more…

How To Download WhatsApp Diablos

…Just think for yourself for a moment, if these apps were developed with good intentions why don’t you easily find them on Google Play Store or iStore. It’s because they will fail the verification test dismally. Below this post, you will get the link you are looking for, and you will see your device will warn you first about the potential malware or virus that might infect your device from this App.

By the way, I’m not judging anyone who wants to download this version of Whatsapp. Pirated apps are cool…read nore…

A Young Woman Who Sold Her Life To The “Devil”

…What shocking people watched him no one dared to help. Do you think they were scared? Nobody knew what to do. The week wouldn’t end without him beating up his wife. The police never really helped. It was amazing how she tolerated him, many women believed it was love and believed she was brave, she wasn’t the only one I think it was a trend it wasn’t funny it was heartbreaking. Gender-based violence was in control people watched it destroy our country for days, months, and years but they didn’t help musicians sing about GBV they listened but they didn’t bother to stop it. One night he did it again and people were…read more…

My Aunt The Witch

…talking myself into going back to sleep when I saw her again. This time she was standing at her bedroom door facing the living room and looking right at the couch where we slept. I stopped breathing and was as still as possible. She walked slowly out of the room and made her way to the shelf where the gargoyle was. She picked it up and started petting it. Yes, PETTING IT! Like it was a kitten. She talked softly to it. I couldn’t make out what she was saying. I wanted to wake Tim up again but I was afraid to move. I watched her put the gargoyle back on the shelf and once again look in our direction. She started to walk towards the couch and changed her mind. She switched directions and made her way to the kitchen. I couldn’t see …read more…

The Parking Lot

…Fast forward 9 months. The rumors had spiraled out of control to include a killer clown for about a month after I had moved in. But then after that, the rumors died down and the stories were soon forgotten. People (I assume vagrants) had even broken open the door in the stairwell that used to be taped off, and us kids would dare each other to go into it.

I’m not sure what I did, but I know I pissed off the queen bee Gemma something fierce, and determined to “ruin my life” and make me “piss my pants”, she dared me to go down there at night. I actually fancied myself as kind of smart, so logically I knew there weren’t ghosts and killer clowns hanging out underground, and said sure, I’d do it (I was actually scared …read more…

The Most Active Haunted House...

house, night, lost places

…I told my brother-in-law we have to go check it out, understandably he wasn’t a huge fan of the idea. My main concern was the off chance that someone broke in to steal stuff, so I grabbed a claw hammer and told him to just back me up if shit gets real. I’ll be honest my hands were shaking when we pulled open the cellar doors and made the descent into the musty old basement. We searched every inch of the basement but there was no one down there…at least that we could see. Again I got a chill up my spine and got the hell out of there. That was my first experience in that house. A few months later I offered to stay overnight and record the basement with a baby monitor (not high tech, but it gets the job done). I set the baby monitor up in an area of the basement that gave me the creepiest feelings. I watched it using my laptop and recorded roughly 16 hours of footage …read more…

The Thing Had My Grandmothers Face

…The latch on the door went through the stop and the door began to creep open. It was an inward swinging wood frame door so it would be opening away from me.

As the door began to open all I could think was that I had to get out of there but I could never bring myself to do so. The door opened about halfway before it had stopped abruptly. It was dark in the room but the TV from the living room outside illuminated the room a little bit. I could see a dark shadow moving around in the bathroom. I couldn’t quite make out the shape of it. It looked eternally dark. Sort of like a black hole of darkness. All of a sudden a face popped out of that darkness. I was horrified. It was my deceased grandmother. Her head and face were showing but not her body. It was almost as if she were peeking out at me. I was even more weirded out by how close to the floor the head was. It was about an inch underneath the door jam. Her long, mullet like grey hair hung to the side and her thick seeing glasses just about covered her whole …read more…

Lurking In The Darkness Outside…

…It was about 4am when we awoke to a loud knocking at our door. I was expecting a parcel the next day, so initially thought it would be the postman, but that’s when I checked the time on my phone which I usually leave on in case of emergencies, and it was 4:30am. Still being tired and disorientated, I realized that it was far too dark to be about 10am when the postman usually came, even though the mornings were much darker now during the winter months. The banging on the door lasted about what felt like 20 minutes but was probably less. I and my sister were too scared to move from our beds, only whispering quietly to each other to just …read more…

At The Pond

…then heard a voice from somewhere ahead ask. “Hey, do you have a light?” To my surprise, it was a female voice. Maybe it’s sexist but I wondered that a woman would go out in the dark to an isolated pond alone. This might not be the city but it just sounded dangerous. Then again, I never felt any danger. Hearing her voice, which sounded normal enough, I was no more than mildly startled to be addressed.

“Um, sure. Sorry, where are you?” I still could not see anyone but I was looking in the direction from which I thought I’d heard her speak.

She laughed a little. “I’m right here. Can’t you see us?”

“Us?” I thought to myself and then asked out loud.

“Well yeah, silly, us. And just one of you.” I started to sweat a little then. When she said it her voice didn’t turn evil or anything like you might imagine in a horror movie. She didn’t speak “you” in a deep, dark voice. She spoke it just as normal, as pleasantly, as she had everything else. And then I felt dumb. Of course, a girl didn’t come out here alone. She and some of her girlfriends did. That made more sense. They were probably just all hanging out. Still, probably not a good idea for them to talk to me. What if I were some psycho?

“Sorry, I can’t see you. Where are you?” I asked again. But she didn’t answer …read more…

Mystery Stairs

…As we wandered back I noticed something ahead that stopped me in my tracks. It was a staircase. I don’t know what in the hell it was doing there and just the sight of it made me uncomfortable. It screamed, “stay away.”

As soon as Ayston saw the stairs he ran over to them smiling. He cursed in amazement and looked at me. The stairs were old and wooden. They looked like somebody cut them perfectly out of an old house and planted them in the middle of the woods. I told Ayston that I wanted to go and he shook his head, telling me to stop being a b**ch. I’m not going to lie to you, as soon as I saw the stairs I wanted to climb them. I had a sudden urge despite how creepy they were.

I could stop myself, but I couldn’t stop Ayston. He began to climb the steps even after I told him not to. As soon as he was about halfway up he turned and began talking …read more…

Ghost At The Park

…I remember my whole body froze while I stood on the stone, eyes wide. None of us could move. It didn’t take long to realize that it was ‘floating’ towards us. Their steps made no sounds on the twig covered ground.

Fear started to tingle up my back and down the back of my legs, causing me to stumble off of the rock. I was thankful it wasn’t too high off of the ground so I was able to balance myself in time.

As it got closer, we realized what it was. It was a man. An old man. With white, long stringy hair covered by a fedora. He sported a tan trenchcoat down past his knees as predicted.

Now, I know I wasn’t imagining this next part since we all saw this shit.

Miguel calls out again and the stranger lifts his head and we screamed bloody murder. Why you ask?

His eyes.

They were hollowed out and his mouth looked to be sewn shut from where I was. I couldn’t tell …read more…

Thanksgiving Story (Stalker)

person, woman, cap

…100% sure the fellow Ford wasn’t near me. I went into the store to grab food and coffee, but my appetite was gone so I decided on coffee and a smoke. Walking into the store, I saw both customers and employees give me a wide eye look, followed with a look of sorrow, which made me feel embarrassed. I was shaking and my make up had run all over my face from the crying and I’m sure I looked like I was coming down off of drugs from the fact that my sympathetic nerve was transferring its hard work over to the parasympathetic nerve (I was coming down off the adrenaline). I went to pay for my coffee, and request smokes, but the shaking made it hard for me to enter my pin …read more…

I Fell Into A Basement but I Wasn’t Expecting It To Be Occupied

…The kitchen was fairly large considering the house was very quaint. I took a few steps into the kitchen and I wished I had noticed the flooring was very soft, but when I took one more step I fell through the floor into the basement. I heard my sister scream but I wasn’t paying attention to her. My ankle hurt. Not broken bone but hurt. But more I just fell like 6 feet and I’m maybe 5 feet tall. The only light coming into the basement was from the hole in the ceiling/floor. I wish I could say it ended there but as I tried to find a way out I heard a laugh …read more…

Creepy Stranger

…She looked weirded out. “Ma, what’s wrong?” Liz asked. “That  man tried to get in the car with me.”  Hearing that, my heart nearly stopped. I gave my nephew to my girlfriend and looked out the window. He was standing by our mailbox, waiting.

He was looking dead at me. At this point, I bet you’re guessing I called the police? No, I didn’t, I just stared at him. This next part haunts my nightmares today. He gave me a wide, open-mouth grin and widened his eyes …read more…

The Demon

satyr, greek, pan

…I kept telling her to knock it off and just continued getting ready to go to sleep, brushing it off. When Amanda entered the room again, the dog finally returned to her sleeping position and we settled in for the night.

I remember waking up, but not being able to move or speak. I felt like someone was sitting on my vocal cords, causing a nauseating amount of pressure on my neck. I could see that Amanda was asleep next to me, and I tried to wake her, but to no avail. I was scared shitless, and afraid that …read more… 

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