Hey there, are you looking to start making money on Fiverr? and still haven’t any skill? Is there have any easy gig on Fiverr? Here I found answers, there is No problem if you haven’t skilled. I have found the best 15 easy gigs on Fiverr to make money without much effort, and they do not require any skills. And as I have seen, those sellers are making a bunch of money from those gigs.

You should read this well if you are in this situation too. We know that many people are reluctant to invest some time in learning a new skill and improving their skills. Actually, it’s a bad habit because skills are the key to great success. So these easy gigs will help you improve your other skills as well and make a significant amount of income from Fiverr. In addition, Fiverr has tons of gigs already existing, so the current competition is very high.

However, let’s check the Fiverr easy gig for freelancers to make money from home.

1. Data Entry 

fiverr easy gigs for anyone to make money without any skill
source: Fiverr

This is the first job category I have added to this easy gigs list on Fiverr. Data entry is the most popular job today but there needs a little bit of skill to provide high-quality services. I have added this because it’s easy for anyone to do.

A candidate working in data entry often needs to manage a large amount of sensitive or confidential information efficiently. Therefore, it needs a little bit of skill and experience but you can get it easily. The process is so simple they provide their requirements and you have to collect data by researching. You can check the gig with reviews below they are making a lot of money from their data entry services.

2. Nature Photography

fiverr easy gigs for anyone to make money without any skill
source: Fiverr

Of course, you do not have to be a photographer. All you need is a phone or a camera to take pictures. If you are a traveler or you always like to take photos of nature it is very helpful for this task. You can add a few rare photos from all your photo collections and you can add some value to it. So, it does not require a skill.

As the world today is driven by businesses, there are always great opportunities for attractive and rare content. Also, there are more platforms to sell your amazing pictures and make money from them.

for example :

Check the gig below. They do what I described above.

3. Influencer Marketing

fiverr easy gigs for anyone to make money without any skill
source: Fiverr

Influencer marketing is more important today to grow any business and therefore you have many opportunities in the market in this field.
So how influencer marketing works?

It depends on your social media followers and members. So if you have a Facebook group, page, Instagram page, or other sources that have a large number of followers, you are also an influencer if it applies to one niche. Now you have a chance to promote other businesses to your audience. So no skill is required for this task but I know it is very difficult to build tons of audience per minute. So this job is only for the influencers.

you can see the gig above. Those sellers are making enough money from Influencer Marketing.

4. Create Pinterest Pins 

fiverr easy gigs for anyone to make money without any skill
source: Fiverr

Pinterest is the most powerful platform created for bloggers. So there are millions of bloggers are in Pinterest and they need to promote and reach their audience every time because there is a lot of competition.

Pinterest pins are the way to reach their blog for their audience so in that case, they need to create more pins according to their blog topics. Also, the pins are should engage with the audience. As a blogger, they don’t have a lot of free time to create attractive pins that engage with the audience so you can get that opportunity.

I’m sure it’s so easy for anyone to do. There are a lot of platforms and software to create attractive pins. So here are some:

And check the gig below. You can also get started now!

5. Convert Files

fiverr easy gigs for anyone to make money without any skill
source: Fiverr

Yes, it is also an easy gig on Fiverr but it can’t be done in a minute. You have to rewrite the letter or article or whatever they need. It is very easy for anyone and doesn’t require any skills.

So, the process is simple. They will provide their MSword, Excel, or PDF documents for you to convert into another file format as their need. You can see some gigs are starting at $30 so there is a high demand for this service in the market. But if you are starting as a new seller then it will be great if you start it from $5 so then you can get more orders with reviews, after that you can simply increase the price step by step.

6. Proofreading

fiverr easy gigs for anyone to make money without any skill
source: Fiverr

Proofreading is the process of reading an article and marking or correcting the error in them. I think it should be easy for anyone with their languages so that’s why I add this one also into the list.

The error may be grammatical, spelling mistakes, etc. So make sure that you are good at any language before you take up this job. If you are willing to proofread English then you can use software services like Grammarly. You can sell this for $5 for 1000 words.

7. Whiteboard Animations

make money from white board animations
source: Fiverr

Animations? easy? yes of course. I have included this because this gig is very popular and it is in great demand on Fiverr. Everyone has creative ideas so that’s completely enough for this task.

Okay, it might be an easy task on Fiverr but how can I get started? Don’t worry you don’t need extra knowledge to create Whiteboard animations, the basic knowledge is enough. You can watch some youtube tutorials to make it easier if difficult to understand.

However, you don’t have to install any extra software on your computer. There is a lot of online software on the web to create Whiteboard animations. So here are some of them :

And I saw it selling for big bucks, yes you can too. However, my recommendation is to start with a low price then increase it step by step when you get more reviews.

8. Gaming

gaming and make money
source: Fiverr

Yes, there is a main category for gaming so if you are a talented mobile or pc gamer then here is your chance. This is a very easy task for those who play games all the time.

There are so many popular games today like Fortnite, PUBG, COD mobile, Apex Legends, etc. So if you are great in one or more then you can also play with your buyers as their requests. They might be talented players and they like to collaborate and play with others. Or sometimes they need your help to level up their games. Also, these tasks are familiar with g2g tasks.

9. Business Name Ideas

find a business name and make money from fiverr
source: Fiverr

As I said previously, this is a business world so with every movement someone in the world starts a new business. Then it’s very hard to find a powerful business name or brand name for their businesses. I think the easiest and quick gig idea is this on Fiverr.

You can help them to find their best and strong names that are easy to remember for their businesses. I think just having a name there is not enough. It should be within the domain(available domain). So you can simply use these web tools to find some branded and suitable names for their needs.

But it is also a little bit hard to find a valuable name with an unregistered domain.

10. Social Media Manager

fiverr easy gigs for anyone to make money without any skill
source: Fiverr

If you use Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter daily, you could easily take up this gig. This is one of the easiest Fiverr gigs out there and also you won’t get bored of it.

Many business owners are busy with their businesses and they are looking for a social media manager for their works. Social Media Management usually involves creating some posts and growing your client’s Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter accounts. You could easily charge around $20-$30 for month-long management when starting.

11. Language Translation

fiverr easy gigs for anyone to make money without any skill
source: Fiverr

I know this requires skill so if you don’t know two or more languages then you can skip this. Also, this shouldn’t explain more because there is simply have to translate as the buyer’s request. If you know the languages that they ask for, then this is so easy and high-paying job for you.

12. Audio/Video Transcription

transcription service on fiverr easy gig
source: Fiverr

In this gig, you should be a great typer and a great listener. If you are thinking about the google voice translator then yes, it will also be helpful for this task but sometimes it gets wrong so we can’t trust that hundred percent.

You can see the below screenshot within 4 gigs. They have tons of reviews it means the service has a great demand in the Fiverr and today market.

13. Post Comment

comment and earn money from fiverr
source: Fiverr

It can be a FB post, an Instagram post, a blog post, or even a YouTube video. All you have to do is check them out and submit an accurate comment. Works better if you use multiple accounts and use proxies.
Buyers need amazing and best comments with keywords so you have to write the comment closer to 30 words. check these gigs below. If you visit the site then you can check how they provide their services and what are the offers.

14. Test Websites and Applications

websites and app testing gig on fiver
source: Fiverr

Here’s another Fiverr easy job from this gigs list. To become a website or app tester, you only need yourself and your computer or phone. Technical skills aren’t required at all.

A tester is just a person that tests the overall quality of a website or app. They check out how usability is, how fast the pages load, ease of navigation, etc.

New website or app owners need to know these details before publicizing their links. You may be asked to screengrab your experience.

15. Birthday Wishes – crazy gig on Fiverr

birthday wish gig in fiverr
source: Fiverr

Yes I know sounds weird but there are a lot of easy and some weird gigs on Fiverr. So definitely there is a huge demand for this gig and it’s easier too.

As I saw most sellers are selling this service as a funny video. I think those buyers are taking this service to surprise their birthday boy/girl. However, it’s easy and funny. You can enjoy the task as well. Also, there are so many weird things in Fiverr but I have added only this one because it has a great demand.

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