A few months ago, one young dude, 34 years of age, was in the news for days after he boldly married a 73-year-old rich White woman.

For some of us, we concluded that the young man, John Wachira, who is said to be a Kenyan doctor based in the United States, got married to the old rich White woman, Julia Donson, because of her wealth—but I’m sure that this young dude told people that he married her because of love and not for money.

Well, there is bad and good news at the same time. The bad news is that Mrs. Julia Donson Wachira is dead—and the good news is that her young husband she married not long ago, John Wachira, is now a billionaire.

Reports say Julia was a millionaire with a real estate empire, Media company, and other businesses—and now that she’s no more, her young husband, John, takes over every sh*t she owned.

According to reports, Julia died during their honeymoon. Julia was an American. Brokenhearted John Wachira announced the death of his wife on social media.

So what’s next? Let me predict. John would probably stay single for some months, gets himself a young pretty girl, marry her, and have all the fun he couldn’t have with the late 73-year-old Julia. Such is life!

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