Social Media alleges that the South African hip hop legend has passed on today 23rd of February 2022 in unclear circumstances.

This was after the rapper posted chilling messages on his socials which many believed could be suicidal.

Ricky Rick Dies
Screenshots of Ricky Rick’s last words on Twitter

“I’ll return a stronger man, this world is still my home,” his 3am message read on his microblogging site.

Much of the rumors turned believable later in the day today when one of his close allies in the music industry.

The rumors of his death have also been confirmed by one season journalist, Daniel Kenosi on his Facebook page.

What Could Have Led To His Death?

Not much is known about the cause of his death as of yet. His family has not spoken of his death yet, serve from hints being dropped by some of Mzansi celebs on their socials, including Malema and Robert Marawa.

But Ricky Rick was a haunted man, his close allies once revealed.

The Cotton Fest founder and manager was slowly losing his game and relevance in the music industry.

This, coupled with social media attacks on him and his wife lately could be reason enough to support unfounded claims that he could have committed suicide.

Social media came after him for allegedly abusing his wife with whom he always posted videos while looking unhappy.

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