My Experience With WhatsApp Stokvels


I paid the joining fee of R200 and had to recruit two people – which I did – in order to receive the R1 000. But I never received my money. I kept silent about not receiving my R1 000 payment because screenshots of proof of payments were being shared in the WhatsApp group. I hoped I would still receive mine. Weeks went by and I still hadn’t received my payment.
Strangers come together and you don’t know who you are joining. It is a faceless operation, and your money can just disappear

When members don’t know each other they don’t feel responsible for each other.
When people who get paid out decide not to rejoin again, those who paid last might lose all their money and that’s what happens in a pyramid scheme.
Just like some pyramids out there, members don’t reap the same benefits. Some are even left with nothing after investing.

Story by:

Ndou Gundo

Instagram: @gundo_sa


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