WhatsApp stokvel where u refer people to join and get paid by them. The people you introduce WhatsApp stokvel to, also known as WhatsApp gifting they are disadvantaged that they might not get their money back or never get paid like me. I once joined WhatsApp stokvel and it looked interesting before I joined everything was smooth until you are added in a lost and it gets split then that’s where you will never see money coming your way and you end up losing hope and interest in it.

Whatsapp stokvel is an advantage to group admins people at the top list only. Never join WhatsApp stokvel unless you are good at recruiting members to join your list. People often fell for this scam because when you join the WhatsApp stokvel group you will find screenshots and pictures of payments where they were successful payments people getting money. Then people will start to inbox you on WhatsApp telling you to join their list and they fool you telling you that its a moving lift. Why they inbox you? Because it’s their turn to get paid then you pay 1 of the people who inboxed you then they tell you that you have to work.

You also go to Facebook to look for recruitments to pay for the person on top of the list which is not fair for you. I’m lucky that I joined R30 stokvel to get R90 I didn’t join for those to pay R1000 get R6000 WhatsApp stokvel and out there people lost a lot of money in WhatsApp stokvel. If I were you I would avoid this pyramid schemes and go to look for a job and live a normal life and grow big like rich people, they weren’t born rich but they worked hard to unlock the independent mode. Please avoid scams, stay home stay safe.

Story by:

Themba Mmekwa

Facebook: Themba Ktm Katkego


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