My WhatsApp Stokvel Experience

The first time I saw or came across WhatsApp STOKVELS, I was very excited and thought I have found something that will help me to make money. Now, the original STOKVELS I am used to, is the one that happens among people who know each other who decides to coming together to create a STOKVEL. What I have observed about the Original STOKVELS, is that they were genuine and it wasn’t easy to rob people their money. Why? because people in the stokvel will know you and where you stayed.

When I say WhatsApp stokvels, I thought well, this is something easy because it is done online.
I decided to join of them. Which the process was very easy. You join with R200 for example then perhaps 3 people pay you three R200s, which will be R600. Well, it looked very easy and genuine.
I joined and waited for my turn to be paid in few days. What used to happen, is that the admins will say that they will go according to the list.

I waited and waited. Now, what usually happen was this. firstly, the Admins will go silent in the group, after they got paid. We would have patience that perhaps they are busy fixing something and all that. But they will be quite for 3 days. The anxiety will start among us and start in boxing the admins to find out what is going. But there would not be an Answer. In fact, they will block the number.

One of the things with WhatsApp Stokvels is that, once you pay and think that you will get your money, you will have a surprise of your life. The thing is, you wouldnt know where your money went because the person you paid, will tell you that he or she paid someone else in the group. So refunds were not something that would happen.
Some of the whatsapp stokvels they will actually tell you that, they don’t refund. Now, I was alluding to was the side of the ADMINS.

But also the members will play their part in this problem. This is what i have experienced. Everybody will join and follow the list. But there will be that person who will decide to just take the money and break the chain. So in other words, things will go smooth until someone in the group just disappears after being paid.

Please, please hear me well here. I am not saying all stokvels are bad. Perhaps there are good stokvels that work for people. But in my experience, I haven’t found one.

MY SUGGESTION, is that, if you want to join stokvels, you can join the original stokvel that happen around where you live. The old school Stokvels worked and still works.

WhatsApp stokvels are dangerous because what I have experienced, taught me that there are greedy people out there. So, one has to be very careful when it comes to these WhatsApp STOKVELS.
One thing that kills these stokvels is greediness.

Story by:

David Mahlangu

Facebook Page: David.M Affiliate-make money online

YouTube channel: David.M Affiliate


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