Earn money with jobs from home in three easy steps. Sign up and get approved to transcribe. Choose from available transcription jobs. You get your payment weekly via PayPal. Simple isn’t it? All you need is a computer and a reliable internet connection.

Their freelance transcriptionists are skilled typists who convert audio files to text. Transcription jobs could range from creating a transcription of recorded interviews and focus groups to lectures and podcasts. Above all you work as much as you want and from wherever you want. Transcription work is plentiful. Because customers in industries ranging from generally market research to news media, even more, depend on transcripts to do their jobs well, there’s always a steady stream and wide range of projects for their freelance transcriptionists to claim.

Where Does Rev Accept Freelancers From?

Rev accepts Transcription and Caption applicants from the following countries. Australia, Canada, Ireland, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, and South Africa. And also United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, United States (excluding California)

As you can see. More and more overseas companies now consider South Africans in their work from home freelance work. This simply means only good news for South Africans, as a matter of fact, the work-from-home industry in South Africa is booming. The only thing you should be working towards as a South African is to get a computer and a reliable internet connection. The time of knocking door to door in companies submiting your CVs due to unemployment will soon be over and many people will work from home with these online jobs.

What Are The Requirements To Be A Freelance Transcriptionist With Rev?

You must have strong English language skills and be able to accurately transcribe audio. They will ask you to take a grammar quiz and submit a transcription sample in order for them to approve you to transcribe with Rev. They will provide you with guidelines on how to ensure your transcription sample meets the quality standards that their customers expect. Transcriptionists do not need demonstrated prior experience or any special qualifications. They don’t need your matric or any tertiary qualification you have. They just need your English skills, which is something you can learn online.

Earn Money And They Pay You Weekly Via PayPal

The average monthly earnings with Rev is R4 100 which means it’s about R1000 weekly. As a transcriptionist, they will pay you every Monday for all audio files transcribed and completed the prior week. You will receive weekly payouts straight to your PayPal account for all work completed. Rev is on-time and dependable. We wish you good luck and happy earnings with Rev.

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