And the hacking continues. We will continue revealing apps to you that will help you hack your partner’s WhatsApp. Bit by bit, we will get there till you find the most suitable app for yourself that will help you to hack your partner’s WhatsApp with ease. To be honest, it’s painful and degrading, to be honest to someone who isn’t honest to you, you become a joke of the town if your partner plays games behind your back and one of the easiest ways to know where you stand is to see who they chat with privately because that’s where most shit get down I tell you.

Hacking your partner’s WhatsApp doesn’t make you a simp or insecure. As I said, it’s better to know where you stand with your partner especially if you love them deeply and you still want to go far with them. So I on the other side won’t stop sharing with you Apps that will help you to know who your partner really is, because if I could tell you, some people can be good pretenders and very manipulative.

Especially if you have a lot of material possessions like money, cars, fame, and so on. People won’t like you for who you are most of the time, they will like what you have NOT YOU, or the things you can do for them. You might relax and let it all to God but Nah fam you really need to know where you stand with them, and what are their intentions towards being in a relationship with you. Is it for the things you can do for them, or use you for, or is it because they love you for who you are despite “what you have and bring to the table”.

Besides tracking your partners’ WhatsApp chats, this app can also track calls, Facebook and Instagram activity and so much more. This app is the number 1 choice in South Africa. It’s just that its a little bit more expensive than the one we revied in part 1

So here we go, this is the second post on how to hack your partner’s WhatsApp. If you missed Part 1 on how to hack your partner’s WhatsApp please click here to read it.

How To Hack Your Partners WhatsApp With mSpy


mSpy – arguably one of the best spy apps for parental control. Not only do you get a thorough sneak-peak of a target device’s WhatsApp chat and calls, but there are several other things you can monitor with this fantastic application as well.

From tracking location in real-time to keeping track of every incoming and outgoing call, mSpy is a beast when it comes to cell phone tracking. Aside from WhatsApp, mSpy also allows you to track their activity on other social apps like Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Viber, etc.

It also features an intuitive keylogging and screen recording function, which both come in handy when monitoring WhatsApp.

Pricing: 1 month – $48.99/month, 3 months – $27.99/month, 12 months – $11.66/month.

How to Hack WhatsApp using mSpy

  •  To begin tracking WhatsApp, you’ll first need to open a paid mSpy account.
  • Select the type of device you want to track. Once selected, you’ll also have to select the type of subscription plan.
step 2
  • Once you have registered, simply go to copy and paste the mSpy download link provided to you via email. Paste the link into your target phone’s browser.
  • Download the APK file and hit install once the download is complete.
update service
  • Simply follow the instructions given to you by the mSpy installation wizard to successfully install the device in your target device.
  • Allow all permissions for hassle-free installation. Enter the code mailed to you to complete the installation.
Enter the code
  • Once installation is complete, log into your mSpy dashboard from another device.
  • On the dashboard, go to the Social Networks section, which you will find on the bottom left side of your screen. Select WhatsApp from here.
Social Networks section
  • A window relaying information about the target device’s WhatsApp activity will open.
whatsapp mspy calls
  • To check messages, simply tap on the ‘message’ icon. For calls, you can switch to the call icon right by its side.

Since you’re into hacking others’ WhatsApp, you might also like this version of WhatsApp called WhatsApp Diablos, it’s quite similar to WhatsAppGB but much more fun with lots of cool features.

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