How to really make money online in South Africa. “How to make money online in South Africa” is one of the most searched terms on the internet in South Africa. Especially if you’re broke and want to make some quick bucks online. You will probably pick up your cellphone, go to google, and search “how to make money online fast in South Africa“. But most of the time the only çontent you will come across is useless content that won’t help you make any money online. You will only make money for the content creator of that shitty content.

And you will always find this type of content on the internet because everyone wants a quick fix when it comes to making money online. And new content creators on the “how to make money online in South Africa” niche will keep on feeding you this type of content because it makes them money. No one or a few are really willing to put on some work, and I’m also a victim of that mentality too. This is why over the past years I wasn’t making any significant amount of money that I really needed to change my life. Not that I’m making any tremendous amount of money online now. But I make a couple of thousands here and there. Not daily but monthly I do make money online.

Make Money Online Fast? I Bet Not If You’re Starting Up

I wrote this blog in order to share with you my journey in making money online since I started in 2018 to chase money online. Over the last past few years, I only realized one thing, and one thing only. YOU WILL NEVER make money online if you are constantly looking for the easiest way to make money online within the shortest period of time. Yes, you will find tons of content online mostly on YouTube that will claim to help you make money online fast. But most of that content is trash and clickbait. So you will only make money for that content creator while wasting your time and data.

Because one of the major keys to making money online is traffic, yes TRAFFIC. Traffic is the new gold my friend. So if you want to make huge amounts of money online in the shortest period of time you must have many followers or subscribers to whom you can sell a product, but the irony is accumulating followers or subscribers takes some time if you’re new to the field. But then again, how can you initially get followers online? I hope you already know where this is going: CREATING CONTENT, is the basic step towards getting followers. But first, you must do self-introspection, find out what you’re good at, and create niche-based content around something you’re good at. Don’t be like me, when I first started creating content online I was horrific, I made terrible videos. Those who know the channel Online Success SA on YouTube will tell you. That’s why now I’m outsourcing voiceovers.

How I Started Creating Content On YouTube To Make Money Online

So back in 2018, when I started my YouTube Channel Online Success SA. I made crappy videos, real crappy videos. And my first video is still live on the channel. I won’t take it down anytime soon. The reason is I want any other South African who wants to start a YouTube channel that they don’t need to be perfect, they dont need expensive equipment to start. The key is starting with what you have right now! If you’re reading this blog, probably you have a high-end smart device such as a cellphone or a computer. Those two pieces of equipment are more than enough for you to start making content online.

Choosing Niche type To Create Your Content Online Around.

The niche that I chose is the “How To Make Money Online In South Africa” niche. The reason I decided to niche down to my country is that there were few “How to make money online in south africa” channels back then. That’s the reason why I got fair amount of views. But my only setback was the poor content. Not poor in not delivering what the video intended to. But poor in speech, video editing, and narrating what I was doing. I even took down some of my videos because wow, I couldn’t stand them myself. They were cringe-worthy, which is why my channel grew so slow. Right now it’s heading to 8000 subscribers. This isn’t really good for a monetized channel that is little more than 3 years old.

Monetizing My Content To Make Money Online

But After a year of starting my channel, I was able to monetize it. This is where the irony comes in. I was making videos about how to make money online in South Africa. But I wasn’t making any money online in South Africa. Psych! But hey don’t judge me hey, don’t because I wasn’t scamming anyone or selling any products. And the methods of making money online or apps that I was reviewing were legit.

None of my videos required my subscribers to pay any money to start making any money. The reason why I didnt use some of these apps is that they pay so little. So I knew that using them instead of creating content online is useless. So why dont I recommend them to people who are not really interested in making content but these types of apps. I also didn’t have enough time to use this apps because I was working on the construction, which I still am. I usually come back home late and tired and I just wanted to shower, eat and sleep.

Money Making Apps Content Is Guaranteed To Go Viral

One thing I noticed is that people like apps to make money online. The reason being most people who are on YouTube researching for ways to make money online are on their mobile phones. So videos about money-making apps in South Africa have a tendency to go viral. I remember when I made a video about the stash app. Which got about 40 000 views within a few months. But I took down that video and deleted it from YouTube because of how cringy it was, broken English from the start to the end of the video-Oh My God!

I mean I had to take down that video, it was a pure embarrassment. I couldn’t even show it to the people I know. Let alone the negative comments I got, I just couldn’t stand it. And thats one thing you should know about being an online content creator. You will get a lot of criticism and backlash from bitter people. All because of poor English and narrative skills. But those are all the things that you should turn your blind eye to. Only consider constructive criticism.

The Blueprint To Making Money Online In South Africa

Ok here is my blueprint, straight from me Sandile Simphiwe. I’m not making millions but I do make from R1800 to R4200 per month through Youtube and Adsence Content. I take this as a side hustle because I still have to work from 6am to 5pm every day and sometimes on weekends. That’s why I don’t really have enough time to focus on my hustle. But you on the other hand might have enough time to implement this strategy.

So here is my blueprint. Create a YouTube channel. Follow all the channels that are in the “how to grow your YouTube channel”niche. All the channels you follow must have 50 000+ subscribers. They must have high-quality content. Those channels will hep you with useful tips on how to grow on YouTube. As you’re starting up, get a free video editor to edit your videos. I started with VSDC free video editor. Or YouCut video editor if you’re on mobile. As youre starting out you can use Canva to create your YouTube Thumbnails. If you want to screen record on your computer use OBS STUDIO, its free with no water mark. Or use XRecorder if you’re on mobile. I started off with Bandicam, the only thing that annoyed me with it is the watermarks on the screen captures.

So What Type Of Content Should You Create Online?

The “Make Money Online” niche is an evergreen niche. Especially here in South Africa. With an unemployment rate of 35.3%. Most people turn to online opportunities to make money since they are unemployed. Your job is to find new and legit platfoms to make money online. Use them for some time and make a few rands as payment proof. Now review them and make a YouTube video about them. Look for online jobs and make a video about the latest online jobs that are currently available at that time in different companies. Scout for money-making apps in South Africa, not just any apps but legit money-making apps. Find like 20 apps that have proven to work before. Make sure these apps can be found on google play. In that way you will confirm their legitimacy and capabilities through the reviews about the app, from people who actually used or currently using the app. That will serve as social proof to your subscribers. As everybody knows, it’s hard to fake reviews on Playstore for App developers as Playstore is so strict towards spam reviews.

Once you gathered all these money making apps. Make a “Top five money making apps in South Africa” video. Or “Five apps to make money on your cellphone in South Africa”. Or “”Five Best Money Making Apps in South Africa”. You can be creative and make your own SEO friendly topics. But the “Top 5s or 10s” of legit paying apps list won’t get you in trouble but they will definetly get you views and subscribers. This post can spiral in many different ways on what content you can make on the “how to make money online” niche, but it will start to sound like a novel. Thats why this is part 1 and part to is coming up.

Traffic Is The Key To Make Money Online In South Africa

Remember the goal here is to create TRAFFIC. It doesnt matter which niche you actually target. Chose a niche that youre confortable with creating content around it and accumulate subscribers, and followers on your content, and monetize that traffic. That’s the ultimate way to make money online. It was working in the past. It’s working in the present. And it will still work in the future. Visit this blog from time to time, maybe three or four times per week. We will be dropping bombs on how to make money online post after post, daily. So for now get off your arse and start accumulating traffic if you want to make money easy online in the nest six months.

Writen By:

Sandile SimPiwe

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