They usually say life is a blessing,  but when we start encountering problems it feels like a huge curse. Like the whole world is looking over and there is no where to hide or run to.

Is never easy having to deal with the challenges that we encourage in our everyday lives. Some of we are not that strong enough to face them alone. Some of us we like keeping things to ourselves,  leading us to have negative thoughts.

Opening up is never easy for all of us,  but it does really help. Most people come to a point where they get depressed to an extent where taking your own life seems like the only way out. Well it’s never too late to look at life on another perspective.

Our reasons differ, some people can handle challenges that others can’t. We are not evenly strong, but I believe we all can survive it all.

Number one: Admit that you are experiencing depression.  Acceptance helps you to let the feeling sink in. Yes it will hurt, make you feel weak even but it’s the first step of overcoming depression leading to suicide.

Number two: Don’t lock yourself in. Don’t lock yourself in your room feeling sorry for yourself. Go outside, take walks, exercise,  engage in some exercises that will keep your mind of things.

Number three: Talk to friends, family or colleagues.  We often are afraid to open up. Why? Because we are afraid of what people will say. Afraid of being judged. We ought to love ourselves enough to care for us more than caring about what other people will say. Do it for you, not anybody else.

Number four: Don’t run away from your problems. They will always catch. Deal with it,  and let it stay in there.

Number five: Develop self-esteem and confidence.  Believe you can do it,  believe in yourself. Know your worth. Value yourself enough to save yourself.

Number six: Laugh more. Best key to a happier life,  laugh more. People who laugh alot tend to live longer. Enjoy being you,  stop thinking to much. Stay happy. Learn to let go.

keep a healthy diet:  Don’t give in yourself.  Stay motivated.  Look better. Let your problems not win you over. Stay healthy and look good.

There’s more to these steps than I mentioned. We deal with depression in different ways, but make you it does not win your life over. Life is worth leaving it until the day set for your to perish.

I for one,  deal with depression in different ways.  I would listen to music all day until I feel better. I love reading motivational novel e.g The power of I am by Joel Osteen. Some of us need to hear those words to stay motivated, to know that we are worth something.

Indeed  we are. It is just unfortunate that we encounter things that we did not know that we will come across. But we out to stay strong. We ought to believe  that we are worth more than we know. Be grateful for the life we living.

God can never put you in a situation that you cannot get out of. If it is a test, past it, if it is a race, win it,  if it is a fortress, not it down. We can do it. Believe in yourself. Learn to let go. If something does not go the way you planned, let it go.

If someone broke your heart, cry it hurts I know. But forgive and forget. In time it will all be over and done with.  Depression is part of the unfortunate things that come in our lives uninvited, strongly and forcefully. But we are stronger than it,  think positive.  Know you not the first person to come across it, and you will defeat it. Pray about it. Control it. Own it. It is not over until you say so. You not alone, God is with you. Invite him in your life, and nothing will defeat you.

Story by:

Happiness Phaahla

Instagram: @happiness114


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