silhouette, apologize, sorry

I knew I was a cheater when when I had three fuck buddies in the same class and also were in the same circle.

So varsity times were my whore days, I swear I was on a mission to destroy the other gender. So first year of Varsity I was played by this domkop and I promised myself never again. That’s when I myself decided to be a player. So second year I got myself a boyfriend, you know those presentable and innocent guys who trust wholeheartedly ( ok fine, he was a fresher/ first year). So M’guy was perfect in everyway and I just couldn’t hurt him, which is why I decided to get myself a side nigger.

Iyoh🙆🏿‍♂️🙆🏿‍♂️ if only I knew it was this fun I would’ve done this before. Kere I was happy to the last level so I decided to double up, kere double side niggers double fun akere 😋😋.

So side nigger number two introduced me to his bestie, bestie wa Di flames bathong..  so I shot my shoot and M’guy a shotega le yena. Though he knew I was dating his friend yena na sena stress. Did I get caught? Of course, by the side niggers fela. I made sure my main didn’t find out anything and guess what, I’m in a happy relationship with my main even today

Story by:

Mamello Sello

Twitter: @GeeChy_Meekie


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