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How to take away all the pain

How to stop the hurting

How to stop all this crying

Only God knows how bad I wish I knew

How I could stop loving too much so I would hurt less

How I could let go so that I can move on

How I could stop forcing things to be and accept what I have

How I could know what wants me and stop chasing after the wrong things

Oh I wish I  knew how

How to accept the things I could not change

How to use the opinion I give others and let it work for me

How to believe that everything happens for a reason and stays for a season

How to let the past be the past

How to believe that if it is meant to be it will be

I wish I knew how to forgive and forget

How to control my mind

How to stop my heart from loving too much

How to have control over my own emotions

How to believe that one day all my prayers will be answers

Oh God how much I wish

I sometimes feel like am praying for the wrong things

But they say “ask and you shall receive”

I wish I knew how to be more patient, have hope , keeping believing and simply accept that

I just don’t know how.

Poem by:

Happiness Phaahla

Instagram: @happiness114


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