I would listen more carefully to what my heart says
I Would enjoy more…..worry less
I Would know that school would and soon enough. …A work would…well, never mind

I Wouldn’t  worry so much about what other people were thinking
I Would appreciate all my vitality and right skin
I Would play more, fretless

I Would know that my beauties are in my love if life
I would know how much my parents love me and I would believe that they are doing the best that can
I Would enjoy t feeling of ” being in love ” and  not worry so much about how it works out

I Would know that it probably won’t but…
That something better would come along
I Wouldn’t be  afraid of acting like a kid
I Would be braver
I Would look for the good qualities in everyone and enjoy them for those

I Would not hang out with people just because they’re “popular”
I Would take a dance lesson
I Would enjoy my body just the way it is

If I knew talk of it then, I’ve concluded you see
I Would be grown into the more mature me

Poem by:

Happiness Phaahla

Instagram: @happiness114


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