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I’m writing this as my girlfriend tells me the story so these will be her words pretty much. My job is just to type and try not to screw up too much.

When I was 12 years old I spent the night with my best friend Carrie. We had big plans for our sleepover. We were planning to stay up all night, listen to music, play board games and talk about boys. The usual things little girls do.

Around 2 am after her parents were sleeping, we decided we were hungry. We knew we had to be quiet so that we didn’t wake them so we tiptoed into the hallway from her room. As we made our way into the kitchen we had to go through the dining room. Because we were so quiet we heard a tapping noise. Immediately we both knew that someone was tapping on the living room window.

You could see into the living room from the dining room so immediately our heads turned towards the living room. We could see a figure standing on the porch next to the window. Because of the way the porch light was illuminating the figure it looked like a shadow. We thought the figure was Carrie’s sister’s boyfriend. The sister and boyfriend had been banned from seeing each other and we assumed this was his weird way of getting her attention. We decided that either he would leave on his own, Tina, Carrie’s sister would see him, or Carrie’s parents would wake up and run him off. We didn’t want the last possibility to happen because we had already been told to go to sleep more than once and we knew we’d get in trouble for sneaking into the kitchen for food when we were supposed to be asleep.

As we walked through the dining room the figure kept tapping at the window. When he came into full view we knew for sure it was a man and we could tell that he had a knife in his hand. The knife was what he was tapping with. Now because this window had no shades, blinds, or curtains we were sure he could see us as well. We both dropped to the floor and started crawling to the kitchen.

When we made it to the kitchen we literally sat in the middle of the kitchen floor whispering about what we had just seen. We were both sure that we saw the same man with a knife. We knew we had to get to her parents’ room as quickly as possible. To do this we had to walk through the living room. We sat in the kitchen trying to figure out how we were going to get there without him seeing us.

We peeked around the kitchen wall and could still see him standing on the front porch. We couldn’t make it to her parents’ room without him possibly seeing us. We knew we had to find a place that had a door that would lock in case he came in through the sliding glass door that currently had no lock since it was broken. The sliding glass door was in the dining room and right next to where we were.

We decided to crawl back to her room. As we did, we heard the front doorknob jiggling. We basically freaked. We crawled back to her room as fast as we could and locked the door. We crawled to her bedroom window that faced the street so that we could see if he was still on the front porch. We didn’t see him. We didn’t hear tapping either.

As we were watching from her window we saw him leave her yard and start walking up the street towards the main highway. I could see the knife shimmering off the street lights. It was a huge butcher’s knife.

When we realized he was leaving we ran into her parents room to tell them what happened. We told them what we had seen and due to our overactive imaginations and hundreds of stories that freaked us out before they didn’t believe us. We reluctantly went back to her bedroom and locked the door. We ended up sleeping on the floor hidden by the bed from any windows in her room.

The next morning was a Sunday. Carrie’s dad always walked to the corner store up the street to get newspapers, coffee, and smokes. When he came back he was empty-handed. He said the store was roped off with police tape and it turned out the clerk in the store had been stabbed to death.

So knife tapping psycho, let’s not meet.

Story By:

Dorothy Zbornak

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