The thing is we all want to be remembered

We all want to keep in touch with people we care about

I know you don’t want a million admirers, You only wanted one

And you got it

Maybe you went love widely but you were loved deeply

And isn’t what most of us get

You don’t get to choose on who hurts you in this world

But you do have a say on who hurts

And how you act on it

And so far I like my choices

I hope you like yours

And as time goes by without you

The night always seemed so beautiful to me but as time went by it faded away

You changed the way I used to see things and all I do is wait

Until I can be able to talk to you

My entire life revolves around you

Hope you notice me and accept me

Poem by:

Tshenollo Musiameli


Tshenollo Tee Musiameli




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