Turn Your Writing Skills To A Side Income

If you're a writer but you are not signed under any company, this is the best website for you to gain exposure while making some extra cash. This will not replace your 9-5 job but it will definitely make some change in your pocket. You already share stories on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms, but you don't get paid for that. So why don't you share the stories you wrote on WritezBlog and make some extra cash?

We are not only looking for stories, also articles, and poems. You can write your content under any topic, we are not choosy on that one. As long as your content is authentic and outlandish according to our standards we will consider it.

Your story or article must be 500 to 5000 words long. If your article/story is less than 500 words but more than 300 words, we will make an exception and reward you if it is outlandish and interesting. Not all stories and articles will be approved and rewarded even if they meet the minimum words criteria, we will still look at the content, formation, grammar, detail, etc. Your Story/article must contain no hallow messages just for it to be lengthy.

If you are an unregistered or an underground poet or poetess you can make an extra income while gaining exposure by sharing your poems on WriterzBlog. Your Poem must be 50+ words long. If your Poem is less than 50 words but more than 30 words, we will make an exception and reward you it it meets some of the WriterzBlog standards. Not all Poems will be approved and rewarded even if they meet the minimum words criteria.

The minimum waiting period for your content to be approved is 24 hours, max is 7 days. If we don't get back to you within 7 days, consider your content as not approved.

Only WriterzBlog Verified Authors Get paid for the content they write that is approved. If you want to be a verified author you need to send in 30 stories, articles or poems you wrote. If they are all approved you will be assigned as the WriterzBlog verified Author and you will start getting paid for every content you write thereafter. If less than 30 of your content is approved you need to send more till they sum up to 30, then you'll be eligible to get paid there after.

The reason we set this selection criteria for authors its because we do not want any chancers who are not authentic writers or chancers who just want a get rich quick online, this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. This is the only way we filter out those. We know that an authentic writer already has a ton of stories up their sleeve.

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