In as much as we are living in this world, other people are real and others are fake. We pretend what we are not because we want fame and money. If l really revisit what trespassed on that very day, Tears flow down my cheeks like water flowing on a flooded river. Had it been that l knew what would take place,l could have denied since from the beginning.l woke up in the morning and drove to check on how my sister had slept since she was seriously ill.

On arrival, l discovered that things were not good at all as far as my sister’s health was concerned. Firstly l prayed for her together with other family members just soon after praying, we heard the dogs barking. It was a certain man whom we knew from our nearby village. There was no other way other than allowing him to enter in the lounge where my sister was. On seeing my sister and getting different answers from what he was asking us. He told us he could heal cancer which my sister had because he was a well-known prophet in this village.

We had no option other than to agree since he had relieved our minds which were all traumatized, affected, and suffering. He told my parents to pay ten herds of cattle of which they did. He called people to come and drive them to his home. He then prayed for my sister the whole day. He was speaking in a language which we did not understand and he claimed it was “tounges”.

He also removed something on my sister’s breast and said she was now healed. He also gave her a boiled cooking oil drink. It was really said and terrible. After that, he then went away promising that everything was now well with her. We all thanked him. Around 5 am on the following day, my sister passed away. Everyone was tongue-tied. This is the very day l proved that there are fake prophets in this world.

Story by:

Victoria Mufumisi

Facebook: Vic Teey


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