I don’t know what is happening in the woods outside of my house but I am terrified. My best friend Ayston and I went into the woods yesterday around 4:30 pm to look for my brothers’ football. He came crying to me a day prior because he accidentally threw it into the tree line.

I don’t blame him for going in there, he has been terrified of the woods ever since he was a boy. One day he ran into our house bawling to our parents because a man with allegedly, “No face”, had grabbed him and tried to pull him into the woods. I felt bad, so Ayston, a friend who was staying over, and myself went into these woods to find it.

I knew we should have wandered past the first few trees. We didn’t see it anywhere so we should have turned around right there. But Ayston wanted to explore and I hate saying no to him because that kid can hold a grudge. I would have much rather dealt with his grudge. We walked further and further into the woods until I got far too uncomfortable. I told him we needed to leave.

We turned back and on the way, I began to feel really uneasy. I have a gift when it comes to knowing what is and what is not a bad situation. As we wandered back I noticed something ahead that stopped me in my tracks. It was a staircase. I don’t know what in the hell it was doing there and just the sight of it made me uncomfortable. It screamed, “stay away.”

As soon as Ayston saw the stairs he ran over to them smiling. He cursed in amazement and looked at me. The stairs were old and wooden. They looked like somebody cut them perfectly out of an old house and planted them in the middle of the woods. I told Ayston that I wanted to go and he shook his head, telling me to stop being a b**ch. I’m not going to lie to you, as soon as I saw the stairs I wanted to climb them. I had a sudden urge despite how creepy they were.

I could stop myself, but I couldn’t stop Ayston. He began to climb the steps even after I told him not to. As soon as he was about halfway up he turned and began talking. He told me to grow a pair and to get up there. I responded by telling him I felt sick and he looked at me in total confusion. He then proceeded to ask me what I had just said. Considering that I had yelled it at him, I naturally assumed he was messing with me. I repeated myself and he told me to stop. He was getting angry. I asked what he was talking about and he began freaking out and smacking his ears.

At this point, I knew we had to leave, I went to grab him but as soon as I got near the step a loud ear-piercing sound started blasting through the air. I live near a train track so I know loud and trust me when I say that this was probably the loudest noise I have ever heard. It was a whistling, like the noise a whiffle ball would make flying through the air times a thousand. It hurt me so god damn much I fell to the ground in pain.

It lasted for about a minute before it finally went away and I was bawling. My head was killing me. I got up and began telling Ayston that we had to leave but I was interrupted by what I saw. Nothing. The fucking stairs and Ayston had disappeared. I spun around twice thinking I got turned around and called his name like a thousand times before running back to my house crying.

I told my parents everything and they called the police. As soon as they arrived I told them everything and they began looking for Ayston. I gave them the number of Aystons house phone and I even offered to take them to the spot. They called the number and I have never been more confused. It wasn’t his parents that picked up.

The police sat me down with my parents later that night and began telling me that Ayston Myers wasn’t real. I freaked the fuck out and ran to my room. I had a picture of Ayston and three of my other friends. I opened my junk drawer and grew desperate when I found the photo and saw that Ayston was gone.

I checked social media as well and even went to his house. According to Facebook he never existed and his house was owned by completely different people. There was not one god damn trace of Ayston Myers and apparently I was suffering from symptoms of, and I quote: “extreme loneliness and depression.” My parents are taking me to a god damn doctor. I KNOW he was real. I need help. Please. If there is any kind of urban legend or myth about stairs I need help. I am not crazy.

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