There’s a tale being told
Not a new tale, it’s very old
When you’re the one
Whose name is in the story
Then the story is new to you

There’s a time that they will all blame you
And a time they want to shame you
Into taking all their anger
Out on you

Well pardon me if I am always crying
And pardon me if it seems I am lying
Pardon me, but I am not buying
That I am the only one
There to blame

Life is too short to play that game
You do not even call my name
But you can blame it all on me
If you want to

I do not care anymore
I walked out that old door
Into a window bright and blue
Where the sun is shining all anew

Days go by and you do not call
I do not even care at all
I have found all that is good in me

And you do not even want to see me

It is your loss,  it is your pain
It is your cost, it is your game
You can win it, I do not care
I am no longer even aware

So go ahead, go away…go on go on
This silly game you want to play

Poem by:

Happiness Phaahla

Instagram: @happiness114


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