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I have a cousin, and when we were little, we used to go to her house and play. she loves to share a bunch of stories but since it was a long time ago, I forgot most of her stories. but there was this one particular story that she told me that I wouldn’t forget.

it was the story of a woman in a red dress.

“They said in Chinese urban legend if you wear a red dress before you commit suicide, it means you want to take revenge on a certain person who did wrong in your life. After 4 days, your spirit will go back to haunt this person and will take that person with you in the afterlife.

There was once a couple, and they are about to get married. A few weeks before the wedding, the woman found out that her fiance is cheating on her. She couldn’t take it so she committed suicide.

When the police found her body, they immediately informed him about what happened.

“She jumped from a bridge.”

Then showed him a picture of the body.

At first glance, he already knew the true meaning and intention of why she committed suicide. He saw in the picture that the woman is wearing a red dress.

So he went to a voodoo expert to get some tips on how he will evade this curse, he knows what was about to happen so he seeks for help. The expert told him to prepare things that the woman loves when she was still alive. Favorite food, flowers, picture of them together, favorite clothes, etc. and place them in their bedroom where they used to share and sleep together.

“On the 4th day, you must wait in that room until 2am, her spirit will return. Turn off all the lights, you must hide, don’t ever let her see you, if she accepts your offerings, she will spare you.”

On the 4th day, he prepared all of the things she love and placed them on top of their bed. Turned off all the lights and then waited, waited, waited until finally, 2 have arrived.

“Honey, I’m home.”

He heard coming from the front door of their house, he panicked and hid under the bed.

Then he heard a faint noise coming from the living room

He knows that she’s approaching.

Then he heard the bedroom doorknob slowly turning

the door creaking as it slowly opens

Later on, the authorities found his body, he’s dead.”

So I asked my cousin, “So the spirit didn’t accept his offerings ?”

“That’s not the reason why he died,” she said.

“There’s actually one more thing I haven’t told you yet.”

“Then what is it ?” I asked.

“They said that when the spirit comes back, you will see it in the same position of the body on the exact moment it died.”

“Remember that she jumped from a bridge? she died because she landed headfirst to the ground.”

“Meaning she came back in an upside-down position when the spirit entered their bedroom, the first thing the man who is hiding under the bed saw is her face.”

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