virtual reality, consciousness, reality

I sit in my room as the hours go by

I look at the ceiling and imagine it’s the sky

I ponder about life but I don’t know why

Deafening silence in the room

I can feel the darkness loom

Sound of the watch brings me back to reality

The tik tok sounds remind me of gunshots from police brutality

I’m running for my life

I’m running out of Air

Fast paced I can feel the wind in my hair

The people are running right past me I seem to be stuck

The air getting thicker like something big has just struck

I can’t run any longer

The gunshot are getting closer

My life is flashing before my eyes as I try not to blow my composure

The door opens and I realise it was just my imagination running wild

It was fun it brought me back to when I was still a child

Poem by:

Tshenollo Musiameli


Tshenollo Tee Musiameli




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