It’s currently 4:29am as I write this. I cannot go back to sleep and I highly doubt I will after this. This is the second time this has occurred and I can’t stop thinking of it.

Sleep paralysis is one of the scariest things to experience in my opinion, especially for those who start to hear/and or see things. Normally when I experience them, all that happens is me hearing things.

Well, just now, I was having a dream where I was in the car driving home with my boyfriend. He dropped me off and we said goodbye. Usually, my dreams occur in 3rd person. I saw myself lying down in my bed watching TV. I heard somebody ask me to pass the remote. I could’ve sworn I heard it in real life because that immediately woke me up since I was horrified, as I’m alone in the room.

I wake up and I can’t even open my eyes. I’ve had sleep paralysis happen to me many times but never has it been like this. I could feel this dark presence hover over me. I feel my chest get tighter and tighter but the more I focus on my breathing the tighter it gets. For someone that has asthma and severe anxiety, It was awful. I feel something heavy sit on my chest. I try to kick, and nothing. I try wiggling my fingers, my toes, but nothing worked. My chest gets even tighter and the time is still going. I still can’t move.

I want to say a good 3 minutes went by before I was able to turn around. When this happens, the max it lasts is 1 minute. When I turned around, I did not feel alone. It felt like something else was in the room with me. The worst part too is today my sister visited me and showed me an antique doll she bought at an antique mall…what if?? I know it sounds ridiculous but, It crossed my mind.

The first time this same dream happened, It was different. I was able to move my fingers still and I didn’t feel any presence. It also lasted very short whereas this one didn’t. The fact this time it progressively got intense horrifies me to go to sleep as I’m scared I’ll find out if it will or not.

I can’t sleep anymore over me being afraid of it happening again. I put the TV on but I still don’t feel safe. My paranoia starts to kick in and I start thinking I’m hearing things clutter downstairs. I know it’s gotta be just me, if it were something my dog would’ve been alarmed and barked, right? I’ve never experienced anything paranormal in this house so the fact I have sleep paralysis so often is just so strange to me. Sleep paralysis truly is such an interesting thing to happen to a human. I’m convinced we enter some other universe where we aren’t in control of our bodies.

Also, if you’ve also had any sleep paralysis experiences, please share them here!! This experience is what I want to say was the worst one I’ve ever had. In second place though comes a time when I saw a tall thin shadow across the room from me. All I could hear was the word “skeletons” being repeated over and over again. The louder it got the more I could move. Coincidentally that happened to be my first ever time experiencing sleep paralysis.

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