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So this happened about 2 years ago.

A little bit of background: I work for a security company at a European airport (not allowed to say which) for about 10 years now. 2 years ago I became a high-ranking supervisor. I am responsible for about 400+ agents. Because of that, the law states that I have to follow an additional course of 132 hours + 2 exams to get my degree as a “security manager”. Basically, everyone from supervisor to manager needs to have this degree.

The location of this course is at the training facility of the company. Where all security guards of that company follow their basic training, refresh, specialized training, etc.

And this is where my story begins.

First of all, one of the rules states that you should wear your uniform at all times when you do work-related things, like training or course. One exemption is for the newly hired guards (they get the uniform after the first 2 months of basic) guards from smaller companies (who work for a bigger comp.) and people who do one of the “manager” courses. The uniform is a black pair of pants with a red/white shirt for agents (red/black for supervisors) a tie for the men that need to be worn every time and completely black shoes. No other color is allowed. Important for later.

I was there with one of my fellow supervisors, in our civilian clothes, and we were in a class with mostly people from other units within the company. It’s been 4 years since we last were at the facility and things changed over the years, so we kinda felt lost there at first.

After a few hours, I spotted a friend of mine, Chris, who recently started the course for aviation security (I helped him apply for the job, etc.) and I was talking to him, asking how the course was and some small talk about the airport. He explained to me where the new facility restaurant is, as we were on lunch break, and then went back to his group. This is where the douche of the story, let’s call him Kenny, walks up to me from that same group.

The conversation went like this:

Kenny: Hey man.

Me: Hey, how are you?

Kenny: You seem a bit lost here?

Me: Yeah, it’s all a bit new to me and-

Kenny: where’s your uniform? *points to his own” Never mind, you’re scheduled for the airport right? Did you do your basics already?

I knew where this was going and I couldn’t let this opportunity go… so I played along.

Me: yes… I haven’t received the new uniform yet (which is true, as a supervisor wears a different uniform) I hope it suits me. awkward laugh yes I’m going to the airport after this course. I passed basic a while ago. (Which is all basically true)

Kenny: well, I’m in training right now to be a supervisor there.

Me: Oh you’re going to be my supervisor? Nice to meet you!

Kenny: yeah whatever. Next time we meet, you better be in uniform. And wear it correctly. Got it bud?

Me: Yes sir…

I walk off to the restaurant and told everything to my colleague. We started laughing our asses off and went with our day.

I texted my friend Chris and asked for Kenny’s full name and what he was like in class. Chris told me everything. How Kenny was walking around like he knew it all. Constantly talked back to his instructors, and how he didn’t give a Fuck about the uniform or the company’s dress code. Really? Kenny also told the group about our conversation and how “scared” I looked. He and some others laughed about it but Chris knew this would backfire. And how right he was… Chris never told Kenny he knew me and who I was, ’cause he knew I’d handle it.

Fast forward a few weeks later. I passed my course the week before and just got my new red/black uniform. I was sitting at my desk going through the names of all the guards on duty today when I saw Kenny’s name on there! I located his position and went to visit him. He was standing there at the X-ray machine, with no tie, black and white shoes, and his shirt wasn’t ironed. He didn’t see me, as he was too busy talking with another new guy, instead of working. I talked to his team leader, who told me he had already given Kenny a warning today about his uniform, but he wouldn’t listen. I said I wanted to see Kenny right now in my office.

A few minutes later Kenny walks in and doesn’t recognize me at first until…

Me: Kenny! You said I needed to be in uniform the next time we met so, here I am! Kenny’s eyes widened and realized who I was

Kenny: oh yeah, I was only kidding sir…

Me: nevermind dude, however, let’s talk about you. You’re not wearing your tie, your shirt looks like, well, shit and your shoes aren’t the right color. Not only that, but you ignored your team leader, who I trained when he warned you about the uniform and you were a real pain during your training. You’re also slacking off at work. How come?

Kenny just stood there, looking at the ground, and mumbled something of an excuse.

Me: I should write you up for ignoring your team leader, misbehavior, neglect, and slacking off. That’s a 3-day suspension right there. But I’m in a good mood and, you’re obviously new here, so I’ll let this one go for now. Okay?

Kenny: thank you, sir, I didn’t realize it would be a problem… I’ll behave accordingly sir, promise.

Me: Great! And oh one more thing Kenny.

Kenny: yes sir?

Me: Make sure next time we meet, you wear the uniform correctly. Got it bud?

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Credit: petty revenge

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