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When I was a young man, I worked managing a children’s after-school project. We had one kid there who could be problematic… and lash out physically at others.

One day he did just that… to me, and I have training regarding restraint procedures. I had to restrain myself for about 10 seconds, nothing harmful or anything. Exactly how we were trained to do it.

I informed his stepdad when he came to collect him, explained everything that had happened, explained the anger and his lashing out and kicking me, and showed him the bruises on my legs.

The following day, I get a visit from the head of the council dept I worked for… a complaint has been made. The police have been informed and I’ve been suspended from all 4 jobs I worked with the local authority… Childcare and youth work, I’d just left the residential social work side of my work.

Turns out that this kid’s mom had just qualified as a social worker and had started pulling all of the strings that she could with her new colleagues. She tried to get me arrested and charged with assault.

That went nowhere as there was no case to answer and the police interviewed me and later informed me that they couldn’t even believe it had been brought to them in the first place.

But where it gets crazy… is that there was literally a witch hunt started. Lies were told within the council by this woman, backed up by friends in the same dept. A sham internal investigation was carried out by the management committee of the after school project I managed, was directly threatened with being blackballed themselves… which included the site manager of the school, a police officer, and other people who worked with children in some form… they panicked and decided to let me go. But they wrote and told me of the threats made to them.

The councils ‘investigation’ then relied heavily upon this dismissal as reason enough to terminate me from all my other roles.

What they failed to realize, was that I’d been collating everything I could… People I knew within the council passed me copies of emails… I had nearly 8 years of service with them and I qualified for legal help to sue them for the dismissal.

That’s exactly what I did… and they didn’t even want it to go as far as a tribunal, because their case was non-existent and relied on assumptions and unprovable rumors spread by their own staff.

Let’s just say that I had to sign an NDA and couldn’t talk about it for 10yrs… and I had a not-so-insignificant payout.

Now comes the petty revenge part.

4 yrs ago… I ran into this kid… now a fully grown adult in his early 20s. I was standing behind him in the supermarket and he eventually recognized me and started to say something snotty to his friend about me… I leaned forward and said… Tell you mum I said thanks, if not the lies and bullshit she tried to pull… I’d have never had (insert large sum of money here) to buy my house with (it paid 60% of it upfront)… Couldn’t have done it without you guys.

Gave him a wink and smiled.

The look on his face… PRICELESS, he literally started to turn purple and his friend kept asking him ‘what lies did you tell to get him that kind of payout?’

In the end, he dumped his shopping basket and stormed off… I moved one place closer to the checkout with the biggest shit-eating grin on my face you’ve ever seen.

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