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So, this is a story from my first job. Names have been changed for privacy. Also on mobile so feel free to forgive the formatting or not. gonna be long but TLDR is at the bottom.

Me: the office’s stupid girl

Linda: high school friend

Mike: Owner 1, cold-hearted

Greg: Owner 2, dick-head

Sam: Owner 3, bless his soul

So, after I finished my study, I took a year off before I start working. In that year I also applied for a scholarship to a grad school, basically just testing the waters. But one day my high school friend “Linda” contacted me and asked if I wanted to work back office 9to6 in a branch of a bar she’s working at because someone just resigned and they needed a replacement quick. I said yes, went for an interview with one of the three owners “Mike” and got hired immediately. The office was full of friends of a friend so everybody seemed to know everyone despite it being only a small office and the best thing about working here is that everybody is nice and fun, but one person.

Within the first couple of months, I got a call and turned out my scholarship was granted. I got the evening class for employees so I could keep my job with very little adjustment. Everything went well in my first year, I did my best at work and make some improvements on the job even though sometimes I would need to finish my essays during my lunch break.

One day, as I was having lunch while finishing my essay, owner 2 “Greg” came in and asked what I was doing. I was focused on my essay so I replied simply: “homework”. He knows I was Linda’s classmate in high school but didn’t know I was attending grad school. He asked for what, and I replied with a simple “school”. I needed to submit it before my break is over otherwise I wouldn’t have any more time before class, so I typed as fast as I could and focused as much as I could.

Until I heard him laugh.

I glanced at him, not knowing what was so funny, and continued with my essay.

Greg: weren’t you in Linda’s class?

Me: Yes. Focus focus focus

Greg: OMG then you must be really stupid that you haven’t finished college!

Me: Okay. Focus, focus, foc… Wait, what?

Greg: you know you actually need a bachelor’s degree to work back office in here.

Me: Uh-huh. Did he just say I haven’t finished college?

Saved by the bell, he got a call from a vendor that he had an appointment with that they arrived. I continued with my essay, and work, and leave for my class so we didn’t meet again that day. But the next afternoon he showed up in the office which was unusual because that branch didn’t open until 4 pm, and when he met me he shouted “heyyyy, there’s the stupid girl! Done your homework, stupid?” and before I could answer he left to the bar.

I wasn’t sure at first what he was talking about but when I was reminded of yesterday’s conversation I got pissed. I may be an idiot but I did have my bachelor’s degree. Mike and Linda even had my transcript. But this man didn’t know about that, and I intended to keep it that way and secretly wished that I would be there when other people told him that I was actually already graduated when he didn’t even go to college at all. So I bear with him calling me stupid here and there for the whole week until that fateful afternoon when everybody gathered for the weekly meeting.

When it was my turn to give my update, he interrupted me so much that the other owner who was my direct boss, Sam, told him to shut up. Greg, OF COURSE, used this opportunity to tell everyone that I was stupid because I haven’t graduated. He told Sam to stop defending me and that I am stupid for still being in college. Sam was confused because he knew the truth, hell he was the one who approved and reschedule my shift so I can go to class, but since they’re friends he gave him the benefit of the doubt and ask him.

Sam: So you called OP stupid because you think she hasn’t graduated from college?

Greg: yes! And I don’t know why Linda recommended her but she should’ve checked her background first! We shouldn’t hire a stupid girl who couldn’t even finish college in time.

Linda: I DID! And SHE HAS a degree!

Greg: No way! She told me she was doing homework for her class later that day! This stupid girl is clearly in college!

Me: (staying silent wondering what was his problem with me and why they’re talking about me as if I wasn’t there)

Other 4 people in the office: (secretly enjoying the drama but knows what’s going to happen)

Sam: Well, she IS still studying but…

Greg: THERE YOU KNOW! You are her boss you should know that she hasn’t graduated and it’s against company policy! We need to fire her!!

Linda: So you called her stupid because YOU THINK she hasn’t graduated?

Mike: Okay, enough. It’s not what you think, Greg. She’s not in college, she’s in grad school, I have her transcript from her if you wanted to see and if anyone should complain about her degree it’s obviously not coming from someone who didn’t even go to college like you.


ME: I told you it’s for school, I just didn’t tell you WHICH school.

He was made to apologize to me but for the next month, he became the laughing stock for what he said in the meeting.

Thank you for reading this far but here’s TL;DR: dick head boss thought I haven’t graduated college when I was actually in grad school, furiously told everyone I was stupid and should be fired because of that but got laughed at by everyone instead.

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Credit: petty revenge

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