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I enjoy the many humorous posts here on the Petty Revenge. I am a big fan of petty revenge and I have figured out I have at least one story a month to share with this sub. So today I would like to share with you a story about how some inconsiderate drunk A-holes were determined to keep me awake and I made them suffer by freezing their hair.

I used to live across from one bar and next to another, I was in my late 20s. And there was one dark and freezing winter night, in which two rowdy young lovers left one of these bars and then decided to loiter underneath my bedroom window in the alley for a very long period of time, and of course, they were drunk, loud and obnoxious.

I was sleeping when they woke me up. It was around 3 am, and the bar had been closed for nearly an hour. I opened the window and asked them to please be quiet and leave. They said okay, quite dismissively, and I assumed they would really go because it was below zero, so it was too cold for them to be there very long anyway.

I waited a little while, but after a while, they still hadn’t left. So I opened the window and asked them to leave again. They basically told me to Fuck off. At that point, I got hostile and told them I had asked nicely and wasn’t going to ask nicely again. They just laughed at me.

This continued on for a while, and every time I looked out, they were leaning against the wall laughing, drunkenly, kissing, and smoking. It’s well after 3. I open the window and tell them I am done with the warnings. So they laugh at me some more, at this point, they think keeping me up all night is friggin’ hilarious.

I then decide that I would like to make them colder because I wanted to find out how cold they had to be to leave. So I went into my kitchen and got a very large soup pot, and ran the cold water in the sink until it was as icy as possible and I filled the soup pot up to the brim. I lugged it to my bedroom window and slid the window up, the screen was already removed.

They looked up and saw me smiling down at them, and they blearily waved me off and went back to focusing on each other. At that point they weren’t concerned with me and felt that they had pwned me, so they weren’t paying attention when I tilted this soup pot over the window ledge and poured this ice-cold water down onto their heads. They were not wearing hats.

As the water poured down onto their heads, they screamed and ran, as they ran I heard one of them screaming, “My hair is freezing” which I know for a fact, it only takes seconds to freeze your hair when it’s wet in cold weather.

I felt pretty pleased with my inventiveness and proudly laughed myself to sleep. They never loitered under my bedroom window again! They thought they could inconvenience me and laugh at me, but I got the last laugh!

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