Positive Effects Of Social Media

 Improve Self-Confidence

Social media is serving as a source for boosting or building self-confidence in the youth. It makes them feel better and good about themselves. The number of likes, shares, and comments of approval they receive enhances their quality to feel good about themselves. The personalization of profiles allows them to experience a sense of independence. The open platform for participation fosters their identity to interact with people that have similar tastes and help them to fit in well.

 Source of Learning and Teaching

Social media is serving as a gateway for exchanging information. It has become a platform for different sources for youth to improve their education. The sharing option that it provides has created a thesaurus for us from which we can extract every single bit of information no matter how rare the topic is. It helps youth to reach out to the professors or future employers or perhaps collaborate with their peers

 Amazing Platform to Showcase Talent

Social media is an amazing platform that offers the opportunity for showcasing talent individuals conspires. It is an amazing platform to put our best self out there and to be recognized for the individual identity and talent we possess.

 Develops Social Awareness

Social media raises awareness in the youth regarding sensitive issues that are not discussed in many societies. It raises the consciousness of the hardships that people in different societies face. It creates political and social awareness and provides information on how to access support in case a certain situation arises.

 Saves Time

Social media has allowed us to save the majority of our time and utilize it somewhere productive. It enables us to communicate in an effective manner. Education can be received in the comfort of our home through distance learning or live streaming of classes offered. Teenagers improve their network all by being active on social forums. It is easier to stay in touch with friends and family through WhatsApp and Skype calls. The posting on social media updates everyone within seconds. No need to glance at the newspaper every morning to get updated about current happening.

 Negative Effects of Social Media

 Source of Anxiety and Depression

Social media use has often resulted in high level of anxiety and stress. The teenagers mostly compare themselves with their friends on social media and perceive inadequacies if others are better at something which affects their life

 Cyber Bullying

It is one of the main ills of social media because of the anonymity it offers. It increases the risk of violence, sex abuse, and threats that can result in deep emotional scars. It has long-lasting effects that are carried through to adulthood.

 Thwarts Our Independence Thinking

The independence thinking of the youth is jeopardized by the use of social media as a result of peer pressure. The drive to fit in has a negative effect on persons own idea or thought because of the fear of criticisms

 Reduces Productivity

The young generation is mostly found loafing around on the internet instead of spending their time in a productive task. They waste their so much time on these platforms that in the end, they have to buy an assignment for the online service providers. They spend hours on social media stalking, checking updates, and reacting to the activities of their friends. It has become a platform for advertising rather than a communicating one

 Threat to Privacy

The risk of networking on social media among youth is the loss of privacy. Social media creates a digital footprint on whichever sites we visit, the comments we make, and the post we share. This can have some serious repercussions in the future at both personal and professional levels.

Social media has become a basic need for individuals, therefore, it is essential that we educate the youth on the usage of social media. There should be an open discussion on social network etiquette that will help foster healthy behavior.

Story by:

Ndou Gundo

Instagram: @gundo_sa


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