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I’ve been living in the same house for 10 years and over that span of time occasionally weird things happen, however, recently things have gotten very strange.

My first weird encounter in the house was when I was about 12. I had been a very shy, quirky kid who liked to be left alone, so I spent most of my time sleeping and listening to music in my room. This particular day my nap stretched on too long and I slept through dinner. But because it was a nap I woke up around 4am. I woke up with a weird feeling like a prickly, uncomfortable feeling, it’s hard to explain. I sat up in bed and started to look around. But all of a sudden, I got shoved over and felt like I was being held down and I couldn’t move my arms. I felt something go between my legs and when I cried out for it to stop it went away. Nothing happened again for another year or so.

When I was 13, I was home alone and the lights went out. I’ve always been the fearless type so I got up and headed straight for the power box. The power box is located directly in front of my walk-in closet connected to my hallway. As I went to flip some of the switches, I stopped before I reached the box and looked into my closet. Have you ever looked into a dark area and seen something move through it? Like something blacker than all the darkness stands out and you can just feel it? That’s exactly how I felt. I don’t easily get scared, but for some reason, all my instincts told me to get out. So, I told my mom I was sleeping over at a friend’s house and walked over to my friend’s house and stayed the night with her.

I’m 15 now, and some really strange things have started happening. I’ll go to turn on a certain light in the house and it won’t turn on, or if it does turn on it flickers. However, my mom could turn on the same light and it would be completely normal. On top of that, my animals have been acting strangely around me. My dog has always hated me, biting at me, not listening to what I ask. But recently, she’s been submissive around me, and not like she’s finally wanting to open up to me, it’s more like she’s afraid of what I might do to her. I have never abused her or hit her in her life so there’s not a single reason for her to act like this. Mind you she’s a big dog, 75lbs and if she was standing on her back paws she would be about 4′ 5″. My cat on the other hand has started watching me from certain parts of the house. Just today she went under my bed and 5 minutes later she flew out from under my bed, digging her claws in my arm, desperately trying to get out from under my bed. When I finally scooped her up and was holding her I noticed her fur was sticking up in all directions and that she was shaking. I held her and asked her what the hell happened and she made eye contact with me. As soon as she made eye contact with me, however, she violently jumped out of my arms and ran out of my room. I was sitting there so confused. I have also been getting pains in my lower back and hip area and I stopped growing since middle school seeing as I’m a girl and I started my growth spurt earlier.

The reason I’m writing this is that I have no idea what’s going on. This just happened today and has been occurring for the past month so any comments or suggestions to help me feel less crazy will help.

Story By:

Vaga Bond

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