This story is due to my ignorance to peoples advice’s. This all started when I was still in my High School days. I used to receive R500 per month from my parents for me to travel from home to school via taxi’s. As a typical teenager the money given to me would finish during the middle of the month and I would have to make a plan.

The distance between the school and where I lived was more or less 4km, so when I had used up my transport expenses I would walk. I had been doing this for some time now but almost every day people would always warn me on the path I took. They would advise me to take the other path that was close to the road because the one I used was known for crime and people getting robbed. The reasons I Never listened to any of this people was because I had never been robbed, ever in my entire life. The other reason was that the road they would tell me to use was longer, so I would rather use the short cut.

Then this one day came and to me everything was normal. It was after school and I was on my way home. Then this cobalt blue colored car approached me from the front. Judging by the speed the car was moving it was hard not to notice it. The car passed me and these two middle aged men came out of the car forcefully. Then I heard, “EBABA, EBABA!” As soon as I turned my head I saw these two men, one with a gun and the other was searching me. When they grabbed my iPhone I tried rebelling and I pushed the guy searching me. Unfortunately that plan did not come through as planned and I got shot on the area between my heart and my left shoulder.

The next thing I remember was me surrounded by people in the streets. The fact that you are reading this is proof that I’m still alive and fortunately I thank God there was no major damage. This all could have been avoided if I had just listened, but I guess some people just learn through mistakes.

Story by:

Vicky Mawondo



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