Mama told me be happy

I love you as you are

But the world, the place they say is my future throw stones at me,

Harsh words have turned to greeting for me,

I’m famous to all by being the demonic child that need Jesus,

Forget about the boys who say raping me will turn me straight.

I don’t need a diary to speak of my pain,

Walk besides me and see my pain,

Friends call me a freak,

Lay with me at night as my mind replay all the harsh words i take in.

At church they sing and say joy comes in the morning,

But for me mornings are nightmares for the pain is on repeat.

My sexuality has been turned to a style like a drug,

They all come and say “I wanna try it”,

Forget those who ask me how I do it.

Let’s talk about the constant inbox we have to ignore for we are harassed,

Sent pictures as if we are sex workers.

Everyday I wish to pray to God for protection,

But then I remember I’m the evil one,

So who do I seek protection from?.

My heart full of pain,

Envying acceptance from the society.

My heart is broken yet,

I’m labelled as a player

By the one’s of the same society as me.

Heal me soul mate,

I need you to find all my broken pieces because

I’m losing hope,

I’m giving up on life

Poem by:

Nhlanzeko Shange


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