Live up girl I was beautiful before, now look at me looking like a mucky old crazy woman. Depression is killing me and desperation tortures me every time fifteen years in this marriage, eleven years of torture, but what could be worse if I leave him our kids will die of hunger, where would I go. When things were nice and cozy for me I turned my back against my family, they warned but did I listen? No, I didn’t, now look at my peers. Beauty even bought a car last month Amanda is happily married with a bachelor’s degree.

The same peers of mine I laughed at when they were busy dating, slaying, grooving, pampering themselves, nurturing their studies. I chose to marry a rich old guy, now I smell pain, I eat misery, I sleep with regrets where is he now? Probably he’s with a young fresh woman busy enjoying himself. For months he’s not sleeping next to me and for years he’s been beating me up and for every second he hate me but this is not the Man married, I believe he will change I’m sure of it I just have to be patie… Snoozing Pretty is disturbed by the alarm in her thoughts. It’s 3 am Pretty usually wakes up this early to make her husband his lunchbox and her kids usually wonder why she bothers because the husband doesn’t care, rumors say when he gets to work he throws away the food and buys takeaways. Pretty was used to the abuse. One night he came home drunk he was shouting he started beating up his wife whatever he finds, he uses as a weapon.

What shocking people watched him no one dared to help. Do you think they were scared? Nobody knew what to do. The week wouldn’t end without him beating up his wife. The police never really helped. It was amazing how she tolerated him, many women believed it was love and believed she was brave, she wasn’t the only one I think it was a trend it wasn’t funny it was heartbreaking. Gender-based violence was in control people watched it destroy our country for days, months, and years but they didn’t help musicians sing about GBV they listened but they didn’t bother to stop it. One night he did it again and people were there his kids were there.

Two cried but the older ones didn’t, they stood still like statues they watched, I believed they gave up fighting for their mother they just hope he would stop soon. For the first time in years Pretty fought back he was strong but Pretty was stronger so he decided to end it he did it without regrets without pain he felt anger with one bullet she was gone the other four were a bonus with one bullet they lost their mother with one bullet all of them gave up the life, he shot his children and he was the last one that was the end of their heartbreaking journey.

Story Supplied By: Nobuhle Mbokane

Facebook: Nobuhle Mbokane

Twitter: @NobuhlePearl4

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