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Temptation is part of humanity

It stems from a desire

A desire that may feel good at the moment,

but harm us in the long run

Temptation will either control you or you will control it

Giving in to it weakens your will

It is through this reduction of strength in will

that we become sensitized to the lemons life throws at us

But if we can manage to resist the urge of temptation our will inflates

Thus, you now have lemonade

They say what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger

A cliché perhaps,

but is it not a cliché for a reason?

Temptation appears it will be difficult to resist.

Temptation appears a second time, it will be less difficult to resist

A third time, less than before and so on

For each time we face temptation,

each time it is easier to say,

“not today”


Poem by:

Jarryd Pearson


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