surprise, memory, i long

The day is born and it will end

There can be joy in the morning and pain in the evening

When you are there thinking “what could go wrong.”

Forgetting that the Earth is rotating Anything can turn around any second

The possibilities are endless

If only i had known

Thursday the second of July

A day that ended with a Cry

Tears of sorrow not joy

I could feel my soul being drained

My heart crying with pain

I wished for the bad dream to end

I was ready to do anything to make amends

But unfortunately it’s fate that decides    

It all happened right before my eyes

At first it made no sense

I thought it was just a phase it would pass

But when they took his body away reality striked

My father had left and this time it was for good


   💖In loving memory of my dad

   💖May his lovely soul rest in loving peace

Poem by:

Chimanikire Fadzai

Facebook: Chimanikire T Fadzai


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