People are talking about freedom and that they’re free. If there is freedom why black women and men from Africa get arrested if they don’t have a permit. They don’t allow them to do SA IDs while we have thousands of nonblack people who a walking around freely without a permit and they even have SA IDs.

Tata Nelson Mandela wanted us to be free in this country. Why is it South Africa if Africans don’t have the freedom in this country. Maybe am the one who doesn’t understand the word “Africa” … People who come around Africa belong in Africa no matter which country you in as long as you in Africa you must have the freedom to walk freely without being asked for a permit.

Why are we arresting our brothers and sisters just because they speak different languages? Yet we don’t say anything to the nonblack men and women when they walk in this country some of them don’t even feel the pain that black people are going through. When you are black you belong in any African Country and when you there you’re with your brother’s and sisters the difference is that we don’t talk the same language but we have one language that will make us understand each other because Africa is our mother.

We all belong in Africa and we all have to be treated the same whether you are black or white, we all belong here this is our country so let us work together and make freedom for everyone. Let us bring back to Africa and be united.

Story by:

Pearl Modiehi Mokoena

Facebook: Ruby Mokoena


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