Work from home and increase your financial income streams with Ubiqus. This website has work-from-home jobs, mainly transcribing jobs. So if you’re looking for a side hustle to work from home, this is a real paying website to visit.

Ubiqus Group is a global leader in transcription, translation, and interpretation services, with 600 employees worldwide and offices in eight countries. They complete more than 130,000 projects every year for more than 33,000 clients across the globe.

Their transcriptionists come from all walks of life. Some transcriptionists are generalists, while others have prior experience in specialized fields, such as law or medicine.

Regardless of background or level of experience, transcriptionists are more successful when they are able to:

  • Listen carefully
  • Type accurately (even if it means typing a bit more slowly)
  • Pay careful attention to detail
  • Do research when something is unclear
  • Adhere to project guidelines

Work From Home And Make Money With Ubiqus

To be considered for transcription work from Ubiqus, please click here to Register and create a candidate account.  Once you create your account, you can complete the online transcription test. You may take one of the following tests:

  • Legal transcription
  • Medical transcription
  • Corporate transcription

Once you start the test, you will have 2 hours to complete it and submit it to Ubiqus. If you pass the test, you will be notified within 2 weeks.

They recommend that their transcriptionists work on a desktop or laptop with:

  • A reliable internet connection
  • Microsoft Word
  • A program that plays digital audio files (.mp3, .wav, etc.)

They also recommend using a headset and a foot pedal while listening to an audio file.

You must be asking yourself, how much will time will it take to complete a transcript, well it depends on the client’s requirements. Some projects will need to be completed in a few days, while others will have a next-day or even same-day turnaround.

How Much Do They Pay At Ubiqus?

The rate they pay will vary depending on the type of document requested, the subject matter, and whether additional services (e.g. timecoding) are needed. But according to Glassdoor reviews from people who are ex-employees or currently working there, these are the hourly rates per position:

$22 – $24/hr (R368 – R401) For Transcriptionists

$19 – $21/hr (R318 – R351) Transcriptionist Interns

$14 – $16/hr (R234 – R267) For Audio Technicians

$9hr (R150) For Proofreaders

$16 – $17 (R267 – R284) For Hearing Reporters

So these are the payments you can expect working from home with Ubiqus. As you can actually see, you can make more than R2900 working from home for 8 hours straight. Please click here to visit the website. We wish you a fruitful journey, Goodluck

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