Work from home and earn R48 000 per month sounds too good to be true but it isn’t! You can definitely make this much if you’re consistent at your job and not slacking. Waywithwords is another legit paying website that pays transcriptionists to transcribe audio. The attractive trait about this website is that it doesn’t geographically discriminate. It accepts transcribers from all over the world.

They are looking for highly proficient English first language speakers from the following countries and regions. South Africa, the United Kingdom, countries in the European Union, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Hong Kong. This must excite South Africans as they stated on their own website that they are looking for transcribers from South Africa.

Who Is WayWithWords Actually

Way With Words was launched in 2002. Its an established international audio-to-text services and solutions company providing English language audio, video, or custom transcription solutions to thousands of clients globally. They continually strive to provide the best transcription services using select pools of transcribers from around the world. They partner with leading technology companies and start-ups in their field. When individuals or businesses have audio or video that they need a usable text record of, they employ the services of a transcription company like Way With Words. In turn, they provide the audio to their pool of transcribers who listen to the audio and type out what they hear.

Qualifications Needed To Work From Home With This Website

Well with this website you don’t need matric or any experience to apply. Should your application be successful, you will be guided through training by one of their dedicated (and patient, because they know you like to ask questions to get everything right!) recruitment team members. The best way to learn is through doing, so straight away they start training you up on live work (for which you are paid).

For their application process, as long as you have a working copy of Microsoft Word, some software to play audio and video (such as VideoLan’s VLC Player), and a great set of ears (sadly, not available through Amazon or Takealot!) then you’re all set! If your application is successful, they will recommend suitable transcription hardware and software.

Their clients expect superior quality transcripts from them and they, in turn, expect top quality transcripts from our transcribers. Whether you are an experienced transcriber or not, they need to gauge whether your skills match their requirements. These include an excellent knowledge of the English language, a good ear for accents, the ability to research and type accurately, following formats, and meeting deadlines.

The assessments have been set up to test your knowledge and ability in these areas and reflect the type of work we receive. Remember there is no assessment fee that will require from you.

Work From Home And They Pay To You Bank Account

They pay their transcribers per audio minute. This means they pay you per minute of audio that you have transcribed. Generally, an experienced transcriber will transcribe at a ratio of 3 or 4:1 whereas a novice transcriber may transcribe at a rate of 8:1. What this means is that it will take a novice transcriber eight minutes to transcribe one minute of audio accurately. The more experience you gain, the faster you become and the more you are able to earn.

In terms of the rate of pay, this varies based on the type of work you transcribe and its urgency. The Pay for transcription ranges between R5.00 – R12.75 per audio minute. Since we assume you’re new to transcribing, well say you get R5 per audio minute. That is the basic pay. We do this in order to roughly estimate how much you’ll be making per month. So R5 x 60 minutes is R300 per hour. This means R300 per hour x 8 hours is R2400. If your work 5 days a week transcribing 8 hours worth of audio we say R2400 x 20 days is R48 000. This means you’ll make about R48 000 per month transcribing audio.

Here is the final good news. WayWithWords pay South African transcribers straight to their bank accounts, no matter the type of the bank. They pay monthly. We wish you Goodluck and fruitful earnings at WriterzBlog. Now go there and earn that stack!

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